Walter E. Dandy Letter 08/13/26

I am so glad you are where the heat is not so terrific. The last three days, including today, have been fierce. I am now writing with rubber gloves between operations so my little girl won't have to wait again. Am glad there isn't a little sister coming, for you have your hands full now. I 'm afraid you will spoil your big boy, even though you think you won't.

Last night I went to Juniper Road. The brickwork is higher than our heads now. It won't be long now 'til it is under roof. It's beginning to look a little bigger, but I can still step across any of the rooms without a strain.

It's so hot, I don't think I will go to Norfolk - the boat would be hot; though if the weather changes I may do so. If not, I will run up to see my big boy and his dear little mother, both of whom I have missed so much and have thought of constantly. I was so hot yesterday I couldn't think of anything better to do than go to a ballgame - Bloomfield and I went.

Since leaving off here, have removed two brain tumors. Had four cases today. Have a tic for tomorrow and other arteriovenous aneurysm from Dr. Greene.

Doesn't look like I'm getting to Norfolk. Besides, I want to see my girl and boy and I am beginning to think I will have to go to Mt. Airy instead. Perhaps I will bring your mother and father and mine Sunday afternoon. Do you wish me to bring anything? If so, call me up. Missed your call by only a few minutes the other night. They have not been transferring my calls and I spent 30 minutes at Union Station checking up on them and missed my girl. Kiss her and my boy a hundred times for me and hug my girl.