Walter E. Dandy Letter 08/12/26

Since I now know how to spell the name of your landlady and that Airy is not airey, I can safely write my girl. I am so glad you are enjoying you country life, even without all the accessories! I hated to leave you in that little hole of a room, but I thought probably Mrs. Hill would let you share her nice room and take Walter in, too. I am very lonesome without my boy and girl and shall drive up as soon as I can to see them.

Have been taking off the afternoons and indulging in tennis, golf, baseball. Probably I will go to Norfolk and Dr. Coleman's over the weekend. That will depend upon the work. It still continues heavy.

Yesterday did one of our new tic operations. The little pineal girl is fine and now I think out of danger. The other boy finally died of pneumonia.

Saw a double header in Washington yesterday and missed my girl alongside. No one else would be so blindly confident to believe all I say. The house is going up fast. The brickwork in front is 3 feet high and the floor covered over. Did you know I slept till 11 o'clock Monday and, as they couldn't ring the apartment, Mother was worried. Had a great time cooking breakfast (3 eggs!), etc. The heat is again terrific.

I am so glad you are where it is cooler, even if I have to miss so much of my sweetheart and her boy. Kiss the little rascal. I only wish I could and his mother too, and hug her tight - as she likes it. Nobody to do it for her now! Or me, too! Good bye, little sweetheart and boy. Write me every day, for I get a great thrill from getting her letters.

Kisses and hugs for both my boy and girl.