Walter E. Dandy Letter 06/07/26

As you see I am still on the train and always thinking of my little girl and boy. It won't be very long now until home is near, almost as soon as you get this letter. Got your letter at Butte and assume from the absence of a telegram that you have decided it's best to give Mr. Chambers the contract. While others may do just as good work, I feel safer with him and I think with the cost plus. We will probably save something (though, of course, it is a gamble), but it will permit us to make alterations as we go along and without upsetting the contractor. If he is not absolutely honest, I never expect to judge another so at first sight. I also thought he might give us some valuable suggestions on things to add or subtract.

I was persuaded to stay over a day in Butte and go fishing. Everything surpassed expectations except the fishing and I still have the thrill of catching a real fish ahead. How many times I wished my little girl was along. We were within 20 miles of Yellowstone and they wanted to take me through and catch the train on the other side, but that's a pleasure I want to share with my little pal. I think I can talk to you for a month now and not "bury my head in the newspaper."

We are running though eastern Nebraska, between Lincoln and St. Joseph. There have been heavy rains and the country is at its best and the season of wheat and corn at its height. It has really been pleasant traveling so far. The paper say big storms have been hitting the east, so I guess it hasn't been unbearably warm with you. I am so anxious to see and hear the little rascal boy and his sweet little mother. I ought to be home Sunday night at 6 or 9 or, at the last, Monday morning at 8. Tell Jimmie Hobson (Hamilton 1214) to leave the car when I telegraph you.

Kiss my boy and my little sweetheart.

Daddy x x x x x x