Walter E. Dandy Letter 06/30/26

We are just passing through Butte, Montana and how I have missed my little girl and boy for three days. It seems so much longer. I do hope you are both well. You must let me know if everything is not right with you. I am sure I could not exist if you were not looking after him. What has he done that is new? Does he still flirt with his dipping head? I just want to hug him and my girl so much.

Well, I am not telling you much that you don't know. For the first time we are passing through nice scenery, though yesterday the badlands were interesting with their innumerable buttes, many capped red by burned out lignite. It's where Roosevelt used to ranch and well he chose a place to regain his health.

Winding along the Yellowstone River was lovely toward evening. Yesterday we also passed through your Jamestown in the early morning and Sedalia in the afternoon. We can now see the patches of snow on the mountain peaks.

Have really rested a great deal - 10 and 11 hours sleep for three nights (the little rascal!) Haven't worked yet. Have finished "Lea" and beginning on the Medici. Can tell you who built the dome and the palace! Can you? Of course!

The heat was fierce the past two days, but today is raining lightly and lovely. The dust has been very bad too.

I fear this suit will be ruined, but I note a big hole in the rear. What am I going to do? Sounds like the foolish virgin, doesn't it? Tell your father about his biblical illusion.

If you haven't completed my last ones for kisses and hugs to my little girl, double their speed, for I need them more when I can't see her. Kiss my boy, too, and watch him for his daddy.

Bye, bye Sweetsie x x x x x