Walter E. Dandy Letter 05/13/25

Seven months ago, I was writing you en route to Des Moines. It was so hard to leave the little girl I had picked after years of waiting and have been with such a short and glorious time, but it hasn't become any easier with the passing time. You have meant so much to me in every way, that I have come to be dependent and lonely without my little pal. My choice was so far superior to any possible hope I had. Everyone must think his girl is ideal, but how few after practical application can say the their ideal has not been somewhat modified. How few there must be, who can feel after seven months that the ideal was far less than the reality.

So true and real has my little sweetheart been that, far from blase', each day brings a new thrill of love and loyalty - of sweetness and unselfishness, and of help in work and play. How many can say that never a cross word has been forthcoming from his sweetheart in such a long time? And now to think that ever greater joys are shortly to be forthcoming; to give as even bonds for affection! I reached for my little girl to plant a kiss last night, as by habit and the subconscious effort missing its goal was not satisfied until consciousness proved it possible of realization.

The journey to Chicago was uneventful. The apple blossoms were in full bloom coming over the mountains to Altoona. I hope you will find them at their best. I am sending all the kisses and hugs this stamp will carry and all my love to the sweetest girl in the world and who even gets sweeter with each succeeding new day.

Walter x x x x x x x x