Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/15/27

I wonder if you could ever know how I longed to have you last night in the loveliest spot I know. Only you were lacking to make the contentment and joy absolute. I dropped in at the university for the afternoon and evening. It rained all day until we reached Columbia and it was so wonderful. The old campus in its height of glory, fragrant and green. Then, with an old classmate, we strolled along the campus at night. A terrific thunderstorm made the campus a sheet of water, and the lightning every few minutes offered a beautiful background, though transient, for the building spires. We sat on the steps enthralled with the sight, but my little girl was missing. I felt lonely and reminiscent! But it was such a wonderful day to see the old playground as now it seems.

Am leaving for Cincinnati Saturday noon and should be in Baltimore Monday night but I shall not expect my girl until Tuesday. Stay as long as you like dear and have a good time.

Love to my little sweetheart.

Walter x x x x x