Walter E. Dandy Letter 10/26/24

It hardly seems possible that only a week ago we were tramping together in the fading hours of our honeymoon and already some roaming about without my lovely girl at my side. It is needless to tell you that she is terribly missed. Last night I several times wakened when groping about in vain for my girl, only to be quickly disillusioned and repeat again later.

I arrived in Des Moines on the Rocky Mountain limited at 7 o'clock and after a banquet with about 100 doctors talked until about 10 and this morning motored to the home of an old boyhood friend of father. The one in fact who came to this country with him from England. Leaving Des Moines at 11 in a car of Des Moines doctors we have been traveling all day and are now passing through Chicago. It has been a pleasant, but not profitable day instead of an opportunity to write. It has been practically lost.

There can hardly be a more wonderful farming country than Iowa. I often wonder what my girl is doing, how the curtains are progressing, whether the carpets have come, the new presents, etc., but even more how quickly I can get back to her and see all for myself. And still even more to hug her tight as she tells and shows me all. There have been many hugs all day - mental though they be, but the best circumstances will permit.

It still looks like 6 o'clock Wednesday, and it looks more and more difficult to put off the happy departure later. Kiss my little girl good night as often as time will allow. She is always with me - from the one who loves her most.