Walter E. Dandy Letter 10/25/24

Of course you would never guess why I should write - at this particular time and of course I will keep you guessing. It's a very pretty little gem in a beautiful farming country - but not nearly so pretty as a university town on a line south. You didn't tell me when to look when passing through, but as the university is quite far off, I guess there wouldn't be much use in the effort. Minnesota is playing Iowa as we are passing though. At the end of the first half Iowa is ahead 3-0. It a perfect day - just as it was in Baltimore.

There was one favor I intended to ask of you before I left and as you always do what I want - here it is. Please get the pictures taken now - at the time I shall always want to remember so much - also the one in the wedding dress.

I hope you enjoyed Chaliapin - and the evening with your sister. In your bewildering array of reading, you doubtless have read that absence makes the heart grow fonder. My limited experience verifies but amplifies to "absence and presence". How is my girl? I'm so glad you are not writing on a moving train. It even tests my writing - I'm afraid you would not survive. Please sleep a lot so you can tell me everything when I get back Wednesday . Please give all my love to the sweetest girl in the world and with it a multitude of kisses.



Wednesday evening 6:00 looks possible - If I do not wire to the contrary, meet me then.