Walter E. Dandy Letter 10/27/24

We are having a honeymoon which could not be surpassed. The weather has been perfect, warm and clear, almost good enough for swimming. The coloring of the trees is gorgeous and to cap it all is the most wonderful little girl in the world. If you knew how happy we are and how far she surpasses even my highest expectations of what a girl might be. She loves all that is beautiful and good. She reminds me very much of another little girl who is now in Baltimore and whom Father knows very well. There has been nothing but joy and happiness and we are confirmed there never will be. I know how happy you will be when you begin to really know her as I do. We have been tramping and canoeing and resting. Am beginning to look like I did when I motored through here before.

Love and kisses,


Found a razor strop. Should be home on the 19th.