Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/24/24

There was a time when Paris seemed a long way from home. Now it seems quite near. And it won't be very long until I drop in on you. Should I cable you when I am coming? Shall possibly sail on the Cedric from Liverpool on April 5th, though I may take the Aquitania from Southampton. It will hardly be possible to get to Ireland, though it is still a possibility.

Tonight I leave Paris for the last time on this trip. Yesterday I went to Napoleon's Palace and Tomb and today I go to the Palace at Versailles. It is raining and has been since I left Rome. Had a wonderful time in Rome and Naples, but I have had enough. The South of France is beautiful. It is still cool in Rome and in fact all Italy. The South of France alone is like spring, flowers out and gardens up.

I saw Mr. and Mrs. Brennan last night. They leave for Rome today. My patient here is about the same. He will be watched here. Several Baltimore doctors are traveling around Europe, though I have not seen any of them. Mr. Flexner is sailing for Europe on April 2nd. I will not get to see him. He will be disappointed in my return. I wonder if Dr. Buttrick is back in New York. He, too, will be disappointed but I must be the architect of my fate.

Will you have some strawberries and onions for me when I get back? I am also hoping to be better received now than heretofore. Will you treat me better? I hope the car is all ready, too. I miss it very much. It will be good to be back again. Feeling fine and hope you are also.


Walter x x x x x