Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/25/24

Back again in your old playground and I must say it looks better than any place I have seen. Surely it is the prettiest spot of all. Before I passed through only about a half an hour of daylight.

Today I arrived from Hamburg at 6:35 and got to London at 8:30. It was a great relief to leave snow and ice behind. It was a beautiful clear crisp morning with a heavy frost. I went on to Cardiff, Wales and, coming back, saw the first soil being turned over for gardens. Probably a dozen men were getting ahead of the others. Cardiff was on the sea and a little colder. It was beautiful country, all the way small farms and pretty hedges and trees. Everywhere it looked like a landscape artist had gotten there ahead and prepared everything in the most beautiful form.

Had a quick trip to Stockholm and back - that is, after we got out of the ice. Your poor boy was stuck in the ice for two days before a German cruiser came to the rescue and let us out. The whole Baltic Sea was frozen from shore to shore. The boats are real ice breakers. They can plow through ice two feet thick, but we could not break through a place of drift ice. Another ship was stuck about a 100 yards to the side. It was more like a polar expedition. Nothing to eat - but the best of everything. Now don't you feel sorry for your boy!

Stockholm was covered with enough snow, but it still continued to fall. Went out to see the skiing, which I had never seen before. It was a beautiful thing to see. The Swedish trains are very comfortable. I stayed only the day in Stockholm and returned to Copenhagen where I also spent a day. Met one of the Rockefeller people by accident - Dr. Pierce, had dinner with him. It also snowed there. Another day brought me to Hamburg, where there was even more snow. But the next day it began to thaw and begin to feel a little balmy, like spring might be coming. It feels even more so here. It has been cold even in Italy, so I am afraid it will be a rather late spring there.

Will go to Paris in a few days to thaw out better and then to Italy and back to England and Scotland and Ireland and then home. I hope to get away from Ireland about April 20 and then home about May 1st or a little later. However, it may be sooner or later.

Got your letter of February 21st, am well and glad to know that you are too.