Walter E. Dandy Letter 02/28/24

As you will see, I am now farthest north, nearly in the Arctic Circle. It is a remarkable place - not colder than America. Now about O (centigrade): it is made habitable by the Gulf Stream from America, which keeps the lower layers of the air warm. (I won't bother my brains about such things!!!) But we had a hard time getting here. We were 48 hours packed in the ice and couldn't budge until a warship broke the ice. Then we plowed through ice all the way to Sweden. The great Baltic Sea was frozen all the way across. It was a wonderful sight. I was the only one aboard who spoke English so I had to speak German. Sweden has mild temperatures compared to North Germany.

I forgot to tell you the train is backed onto the boat and ferried across so it was necessary to get out of the train. It is ordinarily four hours across the Baltic. There is a good deal of snow here. I have just been out to watch them skiing. It is a wonderful and beautiful sport. A very vigorous climate makes a big strong nice people. Sweden is a lovely spot - much like England in the south: forests and mines in the north. For two months every year in summer it is light for 24 hours straight, i.e., no darkness at all. Ask the little lemon, how that happens so.

Tonight I leave for Copenhagen in Denmark then to Hamburg, Germany again and across to England. From there I will go to Italy where I hope it is nice weather and, unless something develops, I will be back about May 1,st but don't tell anyone. Dr. B. and Flexner will be disappointed that I do not stay longer, but they needn't know 'til the time comes. There isn't much medical here, but it has been a wonderful trip. I enjoyed Berlin very much and liked the people except the ruling class.

Have you planted the garden yet? Feeling fine and enjoying everyday. It will soon be over - too soon! Hope you are well.

Love and kisses,

Walter x x x x x x x x