Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/29/23

Here I am in this geese cackling place where I can't understand any more than Columbus understood from the Indians whom he discovered. After a nice but dismal trip across, we reached Cherbourg at 6:00 & Paris at midnight Friday. We waited around Cherbourg several hours before we could land in a tender, the sea being too rough. Then a couple of hours inspecting baggage and waiting for this baby train to get started on a 6 hour stroll to Paris. Did not manage to get seasick but there was not any sign of a storm. Not once did we see the sun or moon until we landed in France. It was quite dismal and damp outside but pleasant inside. It is quite wonderful how that great boat plowed ahead without hesitating for 5 days. But that's long enough on the water.

It gets rather tiresome being indoors all the time. But I read a great deal and had a wonderful room, which I believe I told you retailed at $1050 winter rates and $1250 summer rates. Had private bath and electric heater in the room. I am sure one would easily get seasick if they were in bad air as in steerage and second cabin.

I will look up my patient here today and remain here several days going to London or Amsterdam, Holland next week. Have a nice hotel. The franc, formerly 20¢, is now worth only 5¢ so one's money goes four times as far as formerly. It will go even further in Austria. I hope you have been well and free from colds, am looking forward to a letter from you when I get to London. Am having a wonderful experience and lots of fun, but it won't be long before I am running home again.

With lots of love,