Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/30/11

Glenanne, Bally Lane

County Armagh, Ireland

November 30, 1911

My Dear Son,

They want us to stay here till after Xmas. They are very kind to us here and we are enjoying it very well. Most of the people tell me I look as young as ever, like a young girl one man said. I did not look more than 25. Others surprised I was looking so young. They are all taking up with Papa. One man said he never met a finer English American man. He is looking well and enjoying himself and also the old Irish jokes.

Everything is well improved in my old home, and they are all looking well. Robert, Arthur's oldest boy, has gone out to America. He is in Boston. He does not say what he is doing. He is only 17 years old, but they say he is very large. Maggie she has come home, left her place. She is a very nice girl, sings and plays the piano beautiful.

There is a school teacher here she was engaged too. Gave her several beautiful presents, watch, bracelet, breastpin and other things. She sent them all back and broke off the engagement. He had quite a lot of money in the bank and two farms of land and a good position in a school. I thought it would have been a good offer for her. But she says she doesn't want to get married for a few years. I think she regrets what she has done now.

I am very sorry your meals are getting poor. You ought to get them all to kick about such a practice of starving you all. Delighted to hear of your good prospects. Looking forward to the time when I shall hear that I have the smartest son in the country. Don't get vexed at Dr. Cushing. Whatever he says he can't help it.…

I like England much better than Ireland. This would have been a beautiful place in summer but there is no place nice in winter. I would like to live in Barrow very well, I think better than America.

Well it is tea time now. They eat 4 or 5 times here. We have no kicks about not getting plenty to eat. Every one comes in. They have to have tea with them. Pa is getting used to it now, likes the custom all right.

Your loving Mother