Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/30/11

Glenanne, Bally Lane

County Armagh, Ireland

November 30, 1911

My Dear Boy,

We are still here enjoying ourselves. Seeing the sights at the different farm houses. When we get through I think we will be fitted for farm life. But Mama says she don't want to be a farmer.

This is shure old country life. The neighbors still come and visit us and we go and visit them. I enjoy seeing the crude old fireplaces. We were at one place a few nights ago wheir they still have the old open hearth fire and one of them have to almost constantly sit in the corner turning old fan bellows to make it burn. And while here I may say that yesterday we visited Mrs. Williamson and one of their fires was like the one just mentioned except they blow it with bellows like you have in the dog house.

Arthur took us Sunday evening for nice drive of about 7 miles in his buggy, through lovely country. But was rather too cold to be very comfortable. Yesterday we hired a jaunting car to drive us to see Mr. and Mrs. Williamson. We rode 40 miles, 20 miles each way. Rubbertired car. We enjoyed it fine. The driver and Mr. Kilpatrick, Mama's brother Arthur, was cracking good old Irish jokes all along. And they can do it to perfection. In fact all the Irish men arround here crack jokes till they make us burst with laughter.

There is much discusion here about the home rule bill. Almost everyone here is against it. But they say in the south wheir there are so many preists they are for it. They claim here that it is just a papish ruse to compell them to be placed under Catholic rule. And they will fight rather than do it. Lots of the men arround here fought in the Boer War. And the Catholics sent lots of men to fight with the Boers against England and now they would enjoy the privilege of getting even. Besides they claim it would be more expensive to support two goverments than one.

We got your letter last night. Glad you have such good work and do so well as first asst. that Dr. Cushing does not cuss you and I hope this success continues and furthermore compleet success for the patients that you operate on. Don't forget to tell us about the old engineer, if he gets all right after his operation…for we feel good when we hear you are doing so much good.

We are rather sorry to learn that you diet was changed for the worse especialy when you had invested your pile on stocks. But never mind your father and mother don't invest that way but prefer a more sure way.… With best wishes to Dr. Cushing's first asst. and the best young man in the world.

Your affectionate Father