Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/15/11

Glenanne, Bally Lane

County Armagh, Ireland

c. November 15, 1911

Well My Dear Boy,

After getting your long interesting letter and carefully noting that your advance to first assistant to the world renowned Dr. Cushing was not far from being realized, makes us again think and remember that all things work together for good to them that love God. And this and other things allready received should certainly call for awer devoted thanks to the giver of all good things. For their are no doubt many more Rubicons to cross before arriving at your own destination in the surgical and scientific world. Therfore implicit confidence in and devoted thanks to the Almighty for all good things.

We arrived here yesterday at dinner time. We left Barrow at 8:30 P.M. on Monday night on the Duchess of Devonshire for Belfast. We traveled first salloon.… Accomadations are about perfect. There was a rather strong wind which made the boat role considerably, otherwise lovely night. We went to bed as soon as the boat sailed. I slept all night and woke up after boat had stoped at Belfast in the morning about 6:30 a.m. Mama says I snored all night. She did not sleep much because of "the old boat tossing arround".…

Was met there by her brother and his wife. She knew him and he her. We had nice ride through lovely country and on good roads. Rather hilley. Would be fine for motering. Farms all look so nice and clean, well kept and cosey. She and he showed us the little school house "where the teacher could not teach her any more." Of course it is not so large or imposing in archictuarl structure nor as imposing as some you have seen, yet it has produced many worthies, at least you and I know one. Then we passed another school where she was whipped for talking (asking her brother for something to eat). Of course she was to good to be whipped for violation of rules. So she was sent to another school and so on.

And we saw the little churches she used to attend. The flax holes she tells us about are still visable. She has not yet shown me the places where the little boys chased her down the lanes and her running home crying. But her brother told us last night how when she was young girl how he spoiled her by carrying her on his back all arround to keep her from crying. And he thinks we have had to finish what he started.

We saw the old carpenters shop that made her trunk to come to America the owner of which told her when a little girl that she stood on her leggs like a table.

Your affectionate Father