Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/25/11

Glenanne, Bally Lane

County Armagh, Ireland

c. November 15, 1911

My Dear Son,

This time I am writing from old Ireland the place of my birth. There are so many changes I would hardly know the place. Lots of work around here but they are all trying to give us the best of everything. We are with Arthur. He was glad to see us. He thought I looked thin. A neighbor came in and he said I looked like a girl. He could not see a great change in me. They said they would have known Pa by his pictures. We have been invited for tea on Wednesday. A few friends came in to see us.

It would have been nice here in Summer, but I don't care a great deal for farm life in the winter. Soon get tired of it. It has rained nearly every day since we landed. Makes it rather disagreeable.

Maggie the teacher is not here but I think she is coming before we leave. They say she is very nice and a good musician. I have not seen any good enough for my boy yet. I think you will have to find one for yourself. You had better not depend on me for fear you might get left. You had better leave it to Papa. You know what good taste he had in selecting one.

Glad to hear of your good prospects. Hope you will get the desires of your heart if it is for your good. When you write tell all about Dr. Cushing and your work, if he is cross with you.

What do you think. I did not get sick on the boat. So what you say about the working of the mind has a good deal to do with it. I got my head down before I got sick and kept it there but did not sleep. But Pa kept up a continuous snore even if he had insomnia. I don't think we will stay very long here. It is the wrong time of the year to look nice.

We went through the steel works the night before we left. It was a beautiful sight. We thought how you would have enjoyed it.…

Your loving Mother