Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/06/11

89 Anson Street

Barrow in Furness, England

November 6, 1911

My Dear Son,

…The card from Queenstown was intended by me to have been taken from boat by pilot from New York when he leaves the Mauratania near Liberty Statue. But if the long letter describing awer voyage does not land OK I will repeat it on your advise.

Well everything here is fine. We are enjoying awerselves well. Each of us getting fat. Mama is looking well and feeling good. Mrs. Todd waits on her and gives her anything she thinks she wants.… In fact I think she is going to be spoiled if you and I have not already done it.

We have been haveing very strong winds here. Must have been 70 miles per hour yesterday. I went by the docks and the wind made large waves and sent the spray as high as the high level bridge…probly about 25 feet. I was coming home with Mark Todd from meeting in old Barrow when the wind was blowing the heaviest. He said it would be fine on Walney today to see the wind play with the seas. I was sorry after that I did not go as hundreds went over to see it. I told Mark that it would just suite you to see it. But personally I prefered to be out of the wind. But the next time I think I shall go.

But as much as I now desire to see the rough seas, I don't want to go to Ireland when it is very rough. We are going to try and select a good night to go over. We think we will go from here to Belfast sometime next week. Then sail back from Belfast to Liverpool and visit Mr. and Mrs. Seddon.…

I was pleased to learn of such good success in removing tumors etc. and hope you are not over anxious to have Dr. Goetsch removed for your advantage. Their will be lots of room for you on top of him and Dr. Cushing etc.…

Say you ought to see Mama in her new clothes I have bought her-looks like a young girl.…

Your affectionate Father