Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/06/11

89 Anson Street

Barrow in Furness, England

November 6, 1911

My Dear Son,

I think that is one of our greatest joys is to hear from you. Very glad you are having such good work even though it is with a hard master. Never mind. Some day you will be your own master and can do just as you please. But in the meantime you must submit to the powers above you. Try and bear patiently with him for your own good. Don't let anything come between you and Cushing that would spoil your future.

His wonderful operations must be very trying on his quick irritable temper so you must overlook his temper. It is the great strain of his work that makes him so irritable. Probably you would be the same if in his position. You remember how irritable your father was in trying to sell off our household goods. Now he is different. He is happy and content and a good man. But don't tell him what I said. Why I am saying these things is I was afraid you might let your temper get the best of you and quit. And I would be so sorry if that should happen.

We are all right here for the present. We pay 35 shillings per week for the two of us. She has one boarder that pays 15 shillings per week. We don't get up in the morning till eight, eat 4 times a day, eat something before going to bed at night. I prefer 3 good meals. Pa says he would rather have my cooking. I will soon not know how to cook if I keep boarding much longer.

I don't do anything but clean our room. I have not come accross any English girl that would be fit companion for my boy, though I met some nice girl clerks in the stores, refined ladylike persons.…

Your loving Mother