Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/03/10

Baltimore, Md.

December 3, 1910

Dear Mother and Father,

Well I am very glad to know you have at last quit the road and are almost ready to start. The house proposition is all settled. It is a nice little place, 6 rooms, bath $18. So all you have to do is to come and go right home, a new one. Ought to be nicely fixed up by Xmas. I think you will like the house as it is very nice and cozy.

Everything is very satisfactory here, work especially is very fine and attractive. Had Dr. Cushing stumped right the other day. He was around when I was operating on a dog. Asked me what I was trying to do. I told him to produce a tumor in the aqueduct of Sylvius, one place never before reached, and have the animal live. He says why you can't do that. The animal is sure to die. I said I think I can. About an hour latter I called him, showed him how I did it. He was tickled and got extremely enthusiastic. Said it was wonderful and called in a couple of doctors to see it. I asked him if he had ever done it. He said my no, no one ever had nerve to try such a thing and beamed all over. He sure was tickled. I told him we would develop a method of examining the interior of the brain by means of a light and this catherization of the aqueduct of Sylvius. He smiled a little and hesitated to say anything.

He is preparing a Harvey Lecture in New York, the biggest in this country. Quite an honor for him. He is great.

Well I hope you will soon be on your way. You can come anytime, not necessarily Saturday and go right to the house and get started fixing up so as to be ready by Xmas holidays. Well I think this is about all at present. Write me letting me know when to meet you. With happy anticipation, I remain,

Your loving son, Walter