Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/16/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

November 16, 1910

My Dear Son,

…Well in regard to the house you speak off, I think that is a pretty big rent and larger than is necessary. 5 rooms would be plenty. Two bedrooms is enough as I would not want to furnish more than two and a kitchen, dining room and parlor. In the paper you sent there were a good many houses for rent. One was on N. Broadway. Some of them modern at $18 I believe. If I can find the paper will send you the list of them.

As regards taking a lease on the house we might not want to stay. We might want to live in the suburbs in spring as we might like to have a garden. Now this is my opinion. When Pa comes in in the morning will have him give you his opinion in the matter. I don't know whether he will work all this month or not.…

Mrs. B. told Stanley there was another feather bed for him when he came. I thought that was what Stanley was figuring on when he told the Mother to not let them live with her as she would not put up with Foraker's attention to Polly. I have an idea F. has not very much money and probably could not afford to go to housekeeping. Mrs. B. said the first morning Foraker was there for breakfast she could hardly bear to see him at the table. She thought it ought to have been Stanley that sat there. So I don't know which will get the place at her table. She said Stanley was only beginning to realize what it was to be married. I suppose he finds a big responsibility on his hands and not much coming in. I think he would have been better to have waited till he was sure of something coming in. Neither can be happy under the circumstances.

They go a great deal to Mrs. Gornals. She is very foolish to tell family affairs to anyone. Mrs. Gornal says you must have forgotten them as she has not heard from you. She said Mrs. Amos gave Polly a cut glass set, 3 pieces. Mrs. B. said good for Mrs. Amos. She has acted so ridiculous I feel disgusted with them.…

Maybe you had better not ask for the book if you don't need it. Kelly might not like you to send for it.

That Dr. Cushing is certainly great. If you don't get on with him you must not be dissappointed. I hope you get what you want. But sometimes it is very hard to get that, but whatever you get, I hope it will be according to God's will and may he lead you every step of the way. Sometimes our ways are not his ways nor our thoughts his thoughts. But he doeth all things well.

I like my neighbor fine. Her only child and son died when he was 23 years old, six years ago. She says it probably was all for the best. She comes in a great deal and I enjoy her company. We exchange quite a good deal of cooking. I can eat anything she cooks.…

Your loving Mother