Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/12/10

1214 Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

November 12, 1910

My Dear Boy,

…Mama says you are the brightest boy in the world and that your next position is partner with Dr. Cushing. Then she rebukes me for not deciding sooner that I would go to Baltimore saying I aught to be willing to go anyware for you and put implicit confidence in you as protector for our future needs. But wile all this looks good on paper, and sounds nice to hear her say it and to see her face beam when telling me it, it reminds me of our old saying "live horse and though shalt have grass" for I think your little check at the present would look small in supplying all our needs.

Well I am ready and willing and anxious to come to Baltimore and just as soon as you get a house notify us and we will ship awer furniture as it will take about 15 days to get them. And we can stay here a few days after shipping them. As you see awer arrival depends on you getting house or arranging for it so we won't have to pay storage on it after arrival. We have decided to keep a few things after shipping other furniture, some of which we will bring with us to start housekeeping with. The others sell, and buy new ones in Baltimore so we won't have to board so long.…

Connie Doyle has gone back to work. He told me to day that he passed 4 stones a few days ago.

Well the runs are about the same. Had 10 cars south last trip. I had Dr. Yancy come when we was takeing water and asked me if I would let him off at Rockville. He was going to hunt. I told him yes, but just after the Supt. came by and said he was going with us to find out why No. 5 had not been makeing the time. So at Clinton the conductor told me to let Dr. Yancy off at the tank at Schell City if I took water their so I gathered from that Dr. Yancy did not want me to stop for him at Rockville for fear of trouble.

I suppose you saw where negotiations between engineers and the companys have ceased on the wage issue. We are now having strike vote taken. I think the men here will be game, even if they loose, for if they are not game they will loose anyway, as it would not be long before they would claim they had to reduce salary and change working conditions And therefore might as well have it now.

Your affectionate Father