Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/06/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

November 6, 1910

My Dear Son,

I can't tell you how pleased Pa is over your going to get your A.M. I thought you would not get it till next year, but he insists you have it. He tells people you have 3 degrees now. Miss Lowry came in and he showed her the card where you where going to get your A.M. I don't know whether she understood what it meant or not. She is a nice girl. She has two rooms accross the street from her own home. She goes out for dinner, cooks her breakfast and supper. She was bragging about you. What she thought about you. She said she had a card from you and would write to you soon.

Well Mrs. B. came home last Monday. Polly phoned and asked us to come for supper. They had Gornals and Jakemans and us. You will see in the paper where Mrs. H.O. Foraker entertained for her mother. They did not give the names of their company. That would have spoiled the whole thing. Mrs. B. looked well, gained 15 lbs while away. She talked and talked all the time about England in such a silly way. Pa and I was disgusted, not a bit sensible. She brought me a few little things, pair of gloves, a belt, a doily and a collar. They are very nice. And Pa two ties. I did not expect anything as she said before leaving she would neither take presents or fetch any back. Mrs. Todd sent Papa and you each a muffler and me a bag.

Foraker looked thin, not very well. Polly seems to be happy with him. I went in my new suit. I don't suppose they would like it very well because of not buying it there. Polly never said anything about it. She had ice cream. When Pa had eaten about half, he found a long black hair in it. Here he was a pulling and pulling to get it out. Finally it broke. I couldn't keep from laughing to see how hard he tried to get it out. I nugged him to leave it. I was afraid they would see him. I guess he hated to part with the ice cream. You would have laughed if you had been there to see him trying to pull it out.

Opal Rose came in the other day. She says they have bought a piano. I thought that is just like them. She looked as if she needed something to eat and some clothes more than a piano. $350 I believe she said. I expect it will be some time before it is paid for.

I guess you read about Teddy Atkinson being lost, or at least they don't know what has become of him. He went off to break in a horse and has not returned yet. They are afraid he has met with foul play.

We are having nice weather here, a little cold. We got a dollars worth of wood. I think we will take a good many things with us.… Pa is getting quite ready and willing to go. Let us know what day would be most convenient for you that we come. You said you would tell us how to get a sleeper cheap so you might tell us. 5 room house will be large enough for us.…

Did you notice Pa's excuse for not writing any more this time because I scolded him for not putting his shoes away. You tell him he aught to put them away before he started.

Your loving Mother

Glad Cushing is so nice to you. I hope yor work comes out satisfactorly. When will you know or when will you have it finished.