Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/06/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

November 6, 1910

Well My Dear Boy,

…Just think of me being the father of one of the brightest boys in America, already in possession of A.B., M.D. and A.M. and more coming. Well I think the man that would steal your honnors that you discovered is very contemptable and loathsom, yet it is credable to you and you will eventually reap the reward for his infringement. And he will become loathsom to the men higher up and you will pass him in the senior rank as if he was simply a dead letter.

Well their is not much new in regard to moveing except I am getting anxious to come to Baltimore to live with my boy.… Which train do you think is best for us to come on providing passes are good on all trains? The one we now have from St. Louis to Parkersville is good on any train. Also had we better arrainge to get in Baltimore when you are not working, say on Saturday or Sunday? Or does it make any difference to you? Also would you advise us stopping over at night or take sleeper and come through. We prefer to leave here on the Limited. Then if we come through without stopping would put us in Baltimore at 3:42 A.M. which would not be nicer for you, wouldn't it. Mama wants you to arraing awer train that we come on.

Well I did not get the Limited. In fact I did not sign for it when I went over at night to go on 4. I noticed that Frank Youker had signed for it, and he is older than me so I never let on. Well last week trains have been late due to bad foaming water in Texas, so we are told. However, it is doubtfull if this report is true, as we were on time last trip and I have not heard of rains in Texas to change the condition of water unless they are using something to prevent engines from foaming.…

Well I think I had better close and put away my shoes etc. as I am just getting jacked up for being disorderly, etc. So if the R.R. news is shy you know who to blame. If I don't get them away quick she is not going to let me come to Baltimore but make me keep working. So I had better do as I am told as I want to come to Baltimore. Don't you think I had?…

Mama will tell you about awer banquet at Battersbys and presents from your Aunt.…

Your affectionate Father