Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/03/10

Baltimore, Md.

November 3, 1910

Dear Mother and Father,

Just received your letter and glad to know you have made, and are making further preparation to come to Baltimore soon. Will be glad when you get here as I am getting pretty tired of boarding house hash.

Well, have been doing some good hard work lately. Dr. Cushing came over last night at 6 P.M. just as I was going to supper and said come on Dandy and help us do an autopsy on a baby who died of hydrocephalus. When we got there he said go get your supper. I came back and worked till 10 o'clock, then got up at 7 A.M. and worked until 6 P.M. with about ½ hour off for dinner. He seemed very enthusiastic about the work.

Last Sunday he called me up and asked me to come over for supper. Had a nice time. Said he wanted to beat me at a game of tennis some time soon. I told him I didn't think he could do it.

The fellow who preceded me is writing up a thing which I discovered and isn't making much progress. I told Dr. Cushing today I didn't think it was right as I had found it and then for him to write it up and get the credit for it. Dr. Cushing said I know you found it and then something else interrupted and never got to finish. I am going to see more about it. Dr. Mall said I shouldn't stand for it at all, so I shall politically object.

Well, Sears, Roebuck & Co. did not buy the Buick machines. That was a mistake.

Took out a dogs hypothalmus yesterday, and in afternoon he was hopping around as if nothing had happened. In two weeks he will be dead.

They are having a big aviation week here this week beginning yesterday. $50,000 in prizes. One of the newspapers gave a $5,000 purse to Latham, the biggest aviator in the world to fly over the whole city Saturday, so if weather is good expect to get first sight of one in action.

See Dr. Mall occasionally. He is very nice and is very much interested in what I am doing. He and Dr. Cushing have diametrically opposite views on the work I am now on and it will be interesting to see which is right. At present Dr. Cushing seems to be right. Dr. Mall says I will have to show him before he will believe it and I guess I will too. Everything looks very encouraging and I am very enthusiastic and could not yet think of a place I would have cared for nearly so well, but I only hope you will be satisfied when you get here and I don't see why you shouldn't.

Well I am glad to know you are so well as I am also at present. Feel so well I can't quit working. Which is a pretty good sign.

Your loving son, Walter

I would bring a lamp if I were you just for an emergency. Wouldn't bring much furniture. The house is heated with coal and cook with gas. Glad you got such a nice suit and hat. Mine looks fine. Got paid twice now $41.35 each time. Almost all of one check went for suit. Now will have to get an overcoat which will cost about $20-$25. Got $5 for an operation the other day, $1 for another but it all goes to the laboratory.

Will look around for a house - rent it from December 1 if possible and if I can get what I want. Not over $25 rent.