Walter E. Dandy Letter 10/28/10

Baltimore, Md.

October 28, 1910

Dear Mother and Father,

Well, it seems a long time since I left home and it's only a month and a half. Everything fine here, getting along nicely at research, and feeling fine and glad you are same.

Well, I am expecting to see you here soon now. I think the best thing is for Mama to say, "You can't work any more," because that would settle it and you know who is the boss around that house.

Glad you got a new dress and glad it was blue. I think they are the prettiest colors, look the richest. Wish you would quit that wash day excuse and tell me some railroad news, how your runs are, how near on time, etc.

Today was Class Day, which gets pretty tiresome as it lasts so long.

I think probably it would be better to live in town this winter-although on the other hand it would be harder to get a good suburban house in spring when everybody wants them. I wrote to Mr. Williamson a week ago and told him all I could.

In regards to Doyle's kidney stones, the operation is very common here, and by no means a fatal one, but very successful, much like gallstones.

Am doing a good deal of operation work on dogs. Operated on two private dogs this week. Removed a tumor from one and took out ovaries from the other. Get $2.50 apiece but it goes to the laboratory and not to myself. Have another dog coming from Washington to be operated upon for a hernia or rupture. Operated on another dog's vein of Galen way down in center of head as I told you before, is living and doing nicely.

Dr. Cushing is out of town, went to Boston. One of his best men is now out of the way I think and another going, so if that should be true I would be second man on his list which would be fine. He treats me fine, is very enthusiastic and gives me absolute authority and complete charge. He is so busy operating he doesn't get around much now when in town.

Took a nice long walk in country Sunday. There is some beautiful country around here and excellent automobile roads for miles and miles.

Well, I think I am about out of news, so will close for the present.

Your loving son, Walter

P.S. Having nice warm weather, too warm. I wrote to Sears, Roebuck to see about the Buick machine. I knew they had an oversupply, but had not heard of the sale but have heard since you mentioned it. Am sure they will not have Chalmers or Cadillac.