Walter E. Dandy Letter 10/25/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

October 25, 1910

My Dear Boy,

Got your letter this A.M. and I trust you will excuse me if I don't say much as we have been busy today washing and washing and stretching curtains.…

The weather here is ideal. Makes me think I aught not to quit for awile especialy since the new engins are here.… Will be able to try them in about one week from now or sooner if they break in good. But Mama scolds me if I talk like this. So I think wether the engins are good or bad I will come and spend the time with my boy.

I hear that Sears & Roebuck has bought all the 1910 modles of the Buick automobile not sold and letting $1200 machines go for $400. You might write and see if they have got Chambers or Catalac [Cadillac]. Dillon says the Catalac is the best. I got another letter from Carsteens and Earles of Seattle with some good looking bonds etc. I have got awer pass or rather part of it. Got it from St. Louis to Parkersburg but from Sedalia to St. Louis or Parkersburg to Baltimore is not come. I asked the cleark about it. He thought the other would be here soon.

Don't you think we had better get a house for the winter in the city and rather convenient for you. Then when we get their could look for one in subberbs for summer time.

Your affectionate Father

Pa is always washing when he writes to you. He likes an excuse so as to cut short.