Walter E. Dandy Letter 10/10/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

October 10, 1910

Well My Dear Boy,

…And I feel sorry for the dog you operated on and will be glad to hear of his recovery and your ability in unknown and untraveled paths in surgery and…it will not be long till I see you do some of your work providing I can stand to see it.

As I now feel satisfied to come to Baltimore Mama thinks we could stay here till Thanksgiving. I have just rote letter for passes. That is the first step toward coming. I think you will feel now like I did when Mama said yes she would come. I had often asked her to be mine and thought lightly over it, but when she said yes responsibility commenced, and I almost wished I had not asked her. But we have got along well through it all and have no cause for regret. And I trust the next move will be the same.

However, I have not got the nerve to say that I will quit although I think I shall never come back to work for the Katy. I don't think we shall be at Baltimore by the first of November. Yet we should be their as soon as we can for fear of cold weather moving etc. I will keep your letters from Seattle and we can refer to them when we come. I think eather Baltimore or their is preferable to Sedalia for investments.…

Your affectionate Father