Walter E. Dandy Letter 10/05/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

October 5th, 1910

My Dear Son,

…Papa is particularly glad to hear of the prospects of getting the A.M. Hope you get it. You will be disappointed in not getting a letter from Papa this time as we went to the fair yesterday, stayed all day. He had just a couple of hours to eat and then go out on his run.… We had a nice day at the fair, everything just about the same as other years. We saw one of those flying machines go up. It was quite a curiosity.

I suppose you saw in the paper where Norman McDonald was dead. It is pretty sad to be taken away so young as he was. And the saddest part of it was that he was not a Christian. I think in health so many neglect the one thing needful, and in sickness too sick to think much about it. It is blessed to have Christ all the way as our Comforter and Friend. We need Him every day, every hour, and a great deal more in sickness and death. He is a Friend that sticketh closer than a Brother, never leave his own untill He brings them safe into Glory, and then to live and reign with him through all eternity.

Well we have decided to come to Baltimore. I am getting anxious for Pa to quit. I feel he has worked long enough and it is not necessary for him to work for the purpose of accumulating wealth.… He is quite willing to quit now and thinks he will be quite satisfied. He said the other day we will not have as much money coming in every month, and I said what would you want with it or do with it, only put it away. You don't want to keep working for the sake of putting it away. I said you have always looked forward to the time you could live without working and now you can do it. He says that's a fact, so we have decided to come if the Lord will.

We don't know whether to fetch our furniture along or not. It would come in very useful for sitting room and a dining room, but I think I would like new furniture for a parlor. Maybe they have nothing but dining room and my furniture is not good enough for a parlor. If they have no sitting room I would have too many rockers. I have got a lot of old comfortable furniture but not very nice. Pa asked about freight rates. They are shipped by the 100 lbs. $1.30 per 100 lbs. Let me know if furniture is high there. We could furnish pretty near a house 5 or 6 rooms for $200 from Sears & Roebuck. Do they furnish the houses nice there? Let me know. Tell us what you think.

Polly came down the other day. She was bragging about her fine cakes. She thought of baking some for the fair. It was too late when she thought about it. She never said come out and try my cooking. She said you had got very fat. She doesn't think she would get fat no matter what she ate. She says you don't need a wife. She says a doctor doesn't progress much after he is married. (I thought and some not before it.)….

Your loving Mother

P.S. Don't get shed for auto. We want to get one this winter, and they might sell the house before we got one. Pa was looking at the autos yesterday. Some fine ones there at the fair.