Walter E. Dandy Letter 06/19/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

June 19, 1910

My Dear Son,

…Glad to hear you are well, but sorry you lost so much of that good fat we put on last summer. If you would do as I say I would tell you to come home for the summer. The others are away resting up and enjoying themselves and I believe none of them need it more than you do. I think you would accomplish more after you got back if you would take a couple of months any how, if Dr. Cushing doesn't make arrangements and want you there in the hospital. I would take two months anyhow. The physical part is more important than the mental. It is too hot to work much. If Cushing is not particular about you staying in the summer you come home till it is time to go back to your position, then you will feel like working. You must not work too hard. Come home before all cherries and strawberries has gone. Let us know as soon as you decide when and how long you can stay.…

Sorry about your pictures not being good. I thought you were making fun about them being punk. Try and get some good ones if you can.

I have not seen any of B.'s for a couple of weeks. She is fixing the house, making some repairs in place of going to England. Polly will like that better anyhow.…

I think this is the last letter to you till we see you. Soon be able to kiss the doctor. Wish to congratulate you on the M.D.

Your loving Mother