Walter E. Dandy Letter 05/22/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

May 22, 1910

My Dear Son,

I must congratulate you on your success in attaining that place so much desired by you, and wish you the success that will surely be yours. I know you are very happy now, and so are we. May we not forget to thank God for his love and guidance and care over you. We have talked a good deal this last week about your success and honors all through your school life. It is a record to be proud of. Those days are nearly over and the real practical time is at hand.

Well Papa has just gone on No. 4. He said today he felt about quiting work like he did before he was married, a big responsibility. I said I thought he felt something like he did that day when you took him downtown to buy him a taylor made suit.

Well I really think he has worked long enough as you will make plenty and we have plenty and he might as well have some rest and enjoyment. We had better talk about going to Baltimore when you come home. In the meantime you could look around and see what houses rent for. We could not get along with less than 5 rooms, that is to keep house. If we boarded two would be sufficient. We have four here and that is not enough when you are home. I would not want to come to Baltimore to keep you from getting married. I would want to see you get married when you desire to, and can keep one.

I must tell you about this young married woman. She is 21 years old and has a sweet baby. She is visiting my neighbour in this house. She is from Independance. What I wanted to tell you was, she was washing babies didies with a gold bracelet on her arm. I was amused. I had never seen anything like it before. Mrs. Dusenberry told me how she got the bracelet, was engaged to a young man. He bought it for her, had her name on it, then after she ran off with another fellow and got married and never told him anything about it. I think he did not miss much. Mrs. D. says when at home she goes out to neighbours gossiping and leaves the baby on the floor at home. Her husband drives an ice wagon. When he comes home very often no supper for him. It behoves a man to look out and get a good wife or there is not much happiness. I often wonder how Ervie and wife is getting along now, him out of work. I am afraid the love will be getting out of the window, the old saying.

We saw Johnnie Dow and his mother downtown. Johnnie is looking a great deal better and is gaining in weight. He is drinking milk warm from the cow and Mrs. Dow is improving also. She said the doctors said she could not live over a year if she did not have an operation performed. She said there had grown a piece of hard grizzle on the womb and a cancerous growth underneath it. They cut half of the womb away.…

I have not been unwell since I wrote to you last. I am feeling well. Pa says I have got fatter in the last few days. Maybe it has gone for good. I went over to Mrs. Bestgen the other evening. She is a rough kind of woman. She has not been feeling very well. Change of life. She is 47 years old. She said she was unwell sometimes 2 or 3 weeks, sometimes 3 months and had a pain in her side. I said what is the matter with your side, she said Oh, a burst ovary I guess. I could not help laughing. She wasn't worried at all, worrying more about the children. Well nobody hears anything about me either when I am sick or well. Mrs. B. doesn't even know whether I have the change or not. I think I will feel fine now and if I don't I will let you know.

Well we will soon see our dear boy. Then we can tell him how pleased we are over his success. Pa would rather hear it definitely from Cushing's self.

I guess he has lost faith in mankind after his experience with this lodge business. I told him I would not bother any more about it (the lodge business). Let the others that would be more interested than him. He is going to quit anyway, isn't he?.…

Your loving Mother

P.S. I believe you ought to see Cushing's self about the matter. He goes away so often and when school is over he might get away, and you not see him. I would try to see him as soon as you could. Goodbye my dear boy. Not long till the doctor arrives. Won't we be proud.