Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/01/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

c. Spring 1910

My Dear Son,

…Time seems to go very fast, not long till the Doctor arrives. We want you home as soon as you can, but if you find something that will benefit you in your work for a couple of weeks we will be quite satisfied for you to go to New York or elsewhere. Still waiting to hear the good news from Cushing and to hear you say, Mama I got it.

It is now nearly 7 years since I heard you say it when you were valedictorian. What a thrill of joy to my heart I shall never forget. I often think how well it is that you are so smart, for nothing short of that I think would satisfy, but you must not forget to take pleasure out of this life as well as work. You must not work altogether for the good of others and forget yourself. I think you have the grandest work on earth (with the exception of preaching the Gospel) where you can help the poor and sick and unfortunate but you need time for other things of importance to yourself.

Pa has been wondering what he could get you when you graduate. He said one day he would get you an automobile, but I feel like you do, it is unwise to get something you don't need. When you need anything it is better to get it.

I think you bragged on Pa too soon about a long letter. I believe censure works better with him. See what a short letter he sent this time. I said to him when he started now keep up our reputation for long letter. He hasn't taken any notice, you'll see. I think it is better to talk hard to him.

Well Harry Lewis came down the other day.… I showed him your picture in the class. He thought it fine. He said you were as fat and round as a ball.…

We went to Annie Cravens the other day. She is very anxious to sell her property and go to England to live. She has offered it at $1600. Daisy is in Dr. Broadus office. Annie said she heard Mr. Miller settled with the company for $1700. As soon as they got the money they sent off for a couple of full blooded chickens, $30. She says the money is nearly all gone. Then we came to Gornals. Gornal is still on the Warsaw run.…

Mrs. B.…came down on Sunday. I asked her how Stanley was getting along and she said middling, so I expect that means not doing much. She said it was difficult at Cole Camp. People owned their own houses and they dressed better than in Sedalia. She is thinking of going to England in June.

I asked her when Polly and Foraker were going on their trip. He has holiday every year. She says Polly says she is not going this year. She doesn't want to go. I really believe they can't afford it. He sends $25 per month to his sick brother and then they have only $75 left and I expect it takes all of it. Polly has got a couple more new skirts.

Polly and Foraker came for the Mother. We were sat at the table. Just got through eating and the mother hollers, Polly come and have some of this cake. It is fine. Polly came and eat some and gave Foraker a piece and he said that is fine, have you any more. Polly, I said go and help yourself. She went and cut each of them another piece and they thought it fine. Then she wanted to know what I put in, how much flour and baking powder, etc.

The Mother said Foraker had been having the blues last week. Bad weather and poor trade. He has some responsibility now. I believe he had on his old last summer suit. Polly will get to the bottom of his pocket book alright.…

Gardens are looking pretty nice, lots of radish and onions and lettuce. Do you get good meals. I hope you are looking well when you come home. I want to put on about 15 more lbs. Then I think you will look fine and a good build.

Harry Phelan started in the cinder pit last night. He wants to go firing. I am glad my boy can make a living easier than that.…

Your loving Mother