Walter E. Dandy Letter 05/10/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

May 10, 1910

My Dear Son,

…You still have plenty of work, not much time for exercise, hardly time to write. Looking forward to the summer vacation when you can rest awhile. I hope you can make yourself satisfied to rest.

Well Papa has just gone. He has to go on passenger now since that fireman got hurt jumping on a caboose, fell, and cut his arms off. So Finney had put a stop to them going on freight.…

We went up town last week. I managed to get a hat I liked very well. Pa had his new suit on. It looks swell. Yours will have to look pretty nice to beat it. Pa is begining to feel he wants to see you. He said yesterday I want to see my boy now. He is feeling fine, has a good appetite, had radishes, lettuce and onions for supper out of our garden.

He said Engineer Wilson came to him the other day (Wilson that used to fire for him) and said the officials were getting after the Flyer engineers wanting to know how it was that Engineer Dandy burned couple of ton of coal less than they did and made better times also. Pa said he didn't know they would be getting after him next. Dillon and Lydie is on 5 and 6. The firemen doesn't like to fire for them, they want to get to fire for Pa. Pa likes the one he has.

I saw in tonights paper where the machinists has come out on strike today. It will be hard on Ervie Meyers. He couldn't make ends meet before. Another case of foolish marriage. Might have been young and happy and free. I expect he will be a miserable man and she a miserable woman. He is not out of his apprenticeship yet.…

I hope to soon hear the good news that Cushing's place is yours.…

Your loving Mother

Did you get your cards. Goodbye and God bless you.