Walter E. Dandy Letter 05/02/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

May 2, 1910

Well My Dear Boy,

…Was pleased to learn that you was well and still confident of getting the position you so much desire. I think it would be cruel to deprive anyone of work that he loves so much to do. I further think that anyone following an occupation that he likes is the happiest man on earth and for this reason I desire you to get what you want.

Did you see in papers wheir A. Bush, St. Louis Brewer, and several others had given millions of dollars to Washington University. Isn't that the place Dr. Cushing thought of going to. I feel that I would like him to go their and take you with him. Let us know how you come out on that operation on the dog. I was telling Mama I felt sorry for the dog but she seemed to think you could do the work all right.

I think you suggested 3 good mottoes in your last letter about your future work. Don't get married early, don't locate in small place, but try and get connected with some good university. I have always thought it fine to get connected with some good university and I hope you can get this privalage.

Well your school days will soon be things of the past. And the real issues will be before you and perhaps many Rubicons be presented before you but they will vanish before a strong mind and resolute will that I believe you possess. There is one thing certain. You have had a good liberal education to help you to decide your future course. I sometimes wonder what you will do if you don't get with Dr. Cushing and then console myself by thinking you will have it all figured out.

Well I think it an honor to write to my boy but feel that I want to quit writing and begin talking to him instead. And as I think about sending for passes very soon I think it won't be long till I can have a good talk with you. I shall not need to tell you anything about R.R. when you come home as I have kept you well posted in my letters. So we will be able to talk about Dr. Cushing, Johns Hopkins, etc.

Well you ought to have seen me out with my new suite the other day. Mama says it is fine as good as yours that you had last year. But I am not the only one with new clothes for I got Mama a fine hat and she looks good in it. I wanted to take her visiting yesterday but it was rather chilly. Been raining hard so could not take her on exibition but some of these fine days we are going to display our new cloths by incedently visiting them.

You ask if passes are good on 9 and 10. So far their as been no restrictions on 9 and 10 for passes and don't think their will be.… When you select your choice of routes to come home on, providing you have not much difference in choise, select the one that has direct connections with our Katy so it don't cost you anything for travel on another connecting line. You remember they only give free pass on one road that makes connections with ours and half rates over the others.

Say I don't think you need be so economical as not to furnish your friends with graduating cards if this is the custom. You had better do as Rome does while you are in Rome. When you need money Mama just prompts me to tell you it is in the bank at your disposal.…

Well I think I have given you a long letter and trust you will reciprocate if you have the time which I think is doubtful amidst your preparations for exams, etc.

Your affectionate Father