Walter E. Dandy Letter 04/24/10

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

April 24, 1910

My Dear Son,

…Well it was awful cold yesterday and today. Pretty near as cold as it has been this winter. I expect the fruit is all killed. They say there won't be any strawberries and I guess the peaches are gone. Pa kept saying eat your peaches. There are going to be plenty. But I expect last night has got them. My neighbor got ¼ ton of coal about 2 weeks ago and she got another ¼ ton couple of days ago. I believe she will need another. She did not want to get much as she uses gasoline in the summer. We have only about enough wood to last another day. We are having March weather now. Last month was hot like May. I hope it will be warmer tomorrow. The gardens are not growing much.

We got the paper you sent about the Socialist mayor. Pa was helping to clean house, but he couldn't do much after that paper came till he read it. That is a great mayor sure enough. I am rather inclined to be Socialist. We could not have anything much worse than the present state of affairs, but politics is out of my line. Gossip is my line of work and I am sorry I have not a great deal of that this time.

Mrs. Campbell came down the other day. She has quit keeping boarders and rents half of her house. She says everything is dull at the shops. Rumors of the machinists going on strike. She said Ervie Meyers had been away trying to get a place as machinist as he could not make ends meet here. Married life won't be as happy as he anticipated under those circumstances.

I hope Cushing will soon make you happy by giving you that place.

Your loving Mother

It would be nice for you to be in Baltimore when you graduate if you possibly could. Couldn't you be examined any time in Missouri say after you come home. Did you write to my sister? Time will soon be here when we can have a good talk and see that sweet face. Goodbye.