Walter E. Dandy Letter 02/28/10

1214 S. Mass Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

February 28, 1910

My Dear Son,

…Well Papa went this evening at 3. He did not get time to write to you as he was very busy fixing up a lot of correspondence to send to General Chairman Stone, and he did not get through when he went away so you will have to excuse him this time. He is going the limit with it. He is not so particular about the runs as he is to beat these fellows.

He has had fine runs lately. Trip before last he said the block signal was against him coming into Sedalia. Lost about 10 min. on that account. Then he said they were giving him signals here to come in. Further back they were giving him signals to stop. He said it was in an awful muddle. He didn't know when he came home what was the matter, so I told him there was a freight came in about 3 or 4 minutes ahead of him. He said I'll bet that was what was the matter, that the signal was against him. They hadn't cleared it. He said he would look to see who had done it when he went out. It was Weir. They were trying to fix up with the dispatcher to not tell on them. Weir was talking to Pa about it after. He said it was his old engine that wouldn't work. He felt rather blue over it. He asked Papa what he sent in was the cause of the delay. Papa said he didn't put in any cause for it.… Miss Minnier came the other day. She said her Mama sent her to see if I was dead. She is very particular about me, of course.… I told her you had a fine position offered you in the university. She thought that so nice.

I haven't seen any of B.'s for a long time. She has not seen your picture yet. She is probably waiting for me to go there.

Papa did laugh about you finding him out about reading prize fights. He said he did, but didn't want to get you interested in them. I got your papers and enjoyed the contents very much. I gave it to my neighbours and they enjoyed it too. She showed me how to make coffee cake. It is certainly fine. I said I knew you would enjoy it. I saw Opal Rose the other day. She wished to be remembered to you. She is as silly as ever. Her mother is getting better.

I hope Dr. Cushing will soon give you the satisfaction of knowing the place is really yours. I guess we are more anxious than you are, and you are more anxious about 9 and 10 than Pa is.…

Is Mr. Orr in this class picture? Did he get an internship? There will be great anxiety among the poor students to get positions.…

Well, I have not much news. I will have to go out and gather some. I like home too well to run around much. We were very glad to hear of your receiving another offer for a position. Hopkins would be better than that.

Your loving Mother