Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/01/09

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

c. December 1909

My Dear Son,

I haven't seen Mrs. B. since last week, but I saw in the paper where Foraker was some better. Gornal was down with some gossip. He said he would not lay off to go to a wedding like Polly's, a dry wedding. It would be all over in two minutes. He said Mrs. B. said she was going to take us to an hotel and give us dinner there. He says Polly is wearing the clothes she got for the wedding. He knows all about what her clothes cost. Mrs. B. said Foraker just wanted to get married to dress Polly fine to show her off. He says Polly is looking old and wrinkled and thin. Gornal is a great old gossip (long time till Pa would go there and talk like that). He says Mrs. B. is just tickled about the wedding. She says they can have the house and a horse and buggy for Foraker.… She was mean to talk about Foraker like she used to do. She just wanted to let us see that she was not roping him in as she called it.

They had a letter from Stanleys wife. She said Stanley was not feeling very well and was worring a good deal. She thought it was over Polly (I thought it was over his financial condition. He is going to stay at Cole Camp till he makes some money).…

Your loving Mother