Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/01/09

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

c. December, 1909

My Dear Son,

…Polly is with him most of the time. She says he looks awful thin. He says he is going out to 1029 when he gets well. She says the wedding will be quieter than ever.

Stanley is not doing much and Ann had a letter from her home from her sister wanting her to come there and keep house for her father. When she went to see her sister she told her if she would go and live with her husband (he is a missionary in China) she would go and keep the home and Stanley start practicing there. But Stanley don't want to leave Cole Camp. But Ann says she will surely go if they go to China. (So you see Ann is acting good deal like a mother over Stanley. Stanley wants to stay among the poor ignorant class).…

Mrs. B. wanted to see Papa about renewing the note on her house that Peterson bought. He owes $1000 on it. She says he wanted to pay $500 on it, but she was afraid if he did the kids would get it. She believes Polly would use all she had on dresses if she could get it. She will make Foraker's money fly I think.…

Pa wants me to go to Kansas City meetings this Xmas.

I had a letter from my sister Mrs. Williamson. They have sold their farm and is now going to live on the money. She said Arthur's daughter Maggie, you saw the pictures when at home, has got a position teaching. Gets £16. She says Arthur is very proud of her. You thought she was a nice looking little girl. I am very glad to hear of her doing so well.

Not be long till Xmas. Wish you could come home and eat turkey at home. They are very high this year.

You say you could make $9000 a year if you wanted to make money. Papa and I is very anxious to know how you could get it so don't forget to tell us. If you want to go to Cleveland, Ohio, or any place else don't let what it takes be any consideration nor don't deny yourself anything you need.

I am glad you like your suit so well. Would like to see you in it. Don't be afraid to wear it.… You have to dress nice where you are and we want you to look nice.…

Your loving Mother