Walter E. Dandy Letter 12/06/09

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

December 6, 1909

Well My Boy,

…If there is one thing above another that I liked to hear was that we had been the means of placing you in a institution wheir you could be your own boss. For I can't think of liberty and freedom and at the same time have a boss. I am like you, as I look back I can not see wheir I could have done better at least as far as progress in my occupation is concerned.

Well I must tell you that although I have been turned down in getting 9 and 10 so far, I have not quit trying. You know the "Rubicon must be crossed" and I am going to cross it or know the reasons why. I shall take the case to the grand cheif or perhaps to the convention which will be the limit I can go.

We have just had an election of officers for the Brotherhood. I have not heard the results. The firemen have been fighting on practicaly the same thing that I am fighting for. They gained one point but lost the other. They got 2 men for passengers. Then they claimed right to prefered runs because of milage on their respective dist. The same as I claim 9 and 10 on, they got beat on this claim. They had one of their grand officers here. He ruled against them. The schedule reads, "The right and prefference to regular runs shall be governed by seniority and capacity (or ability) in regular road service on their respective dist. to which they belong." The schedule says the first dist. is from St. Louis to New Franklin. The 2nd dist. from Sedalia to Hanibull and the 3rd dist. from Sedalia to Parsons. The 3rd dist. men want seniority rights on 2 dists. Franklin to Parsons. I claim it on respective dists. and me being the oldest on the 2nd dist. that signed or claimed it during the time of 30 days that it was open I claim right to it.

Except for getting more nights to sleep I don't like it any better. They are longer on the road. They allways have to take siding for us, but have smaller trains to handle, but ours is better than it was.

Goodbye and God bless you.

Your affectionate Father