Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/01/09

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

November Payday, 1909

Well My Boy,

Got your hookworm treatise yesterday and letter today. It is nice to discover something like the hookworm theory. It will surely benefit those poor sufferers besides bringing their discoverer into prominence. I wish it had been you, but even if it was not you have youth and ability before you and a wide field to work in and I am satisfied you like your work and is theirfore reasonable to expect greater things than that of you. I can't conceive of anything that should produce so much joy and pleasure as to have an high and difficult object to attain and to keep getting it step at a time. Their don't seem much in life to look forward to if you don't have some specific object in view.

At present the lot of an engineer is rather dismal on the Katy. The Management is trying to deprive the men over 60 years of age of their seniority rights. In Texas they have taken old men of runs 5 and 6-9 and 10 and the runs are not so hard their as here and they can do the work fine and they have put them on runs much harder with worse engines. The men are going to take their matter up as we consider it a violation of our schedule. It is possible that some get to old to work, but they are to young to die from old age. I suppose to kill them would not be lawful, to penshion them to expensive. So the problem is what can be done with them. I am glad I am not in that condition but many is. And I feel proud to think that you will never have to be humiliated like them. Well I have not had any desision from Chairman of General Comitee about 9 and 10, but feel confident that it will come out all right.

I would like to see you in your new suite and to heare you talk to Cushing. But I would sooner here of you getting the apointment you desire and that you was doing justice to him and the school and yourself in the new place. But if you don't get it, don't be discourged. Do something else or try again.

We have been haveing some good runs. Last time on 6 it was a good wet one. Rained in torrents all the way from Parsons to Sedalia. We was just wringing wet through. When I got to the bunk house striped of everything. Went to bed and dryed cloths wile I slept.…

Mama never looked as good as she does now. She must be 8 or 10 pounds heavier than when you was here. Calkins has come to the Katy Hospital. Was thinking of going to see him this P.M. but it is raining so will postpone till the next time.… With best wishes and 9 million kisses to the best boy on earth.

Your affectionate Father