Walter E. Dandy Letter 11/08/09

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

November 8, 1909

My Dear Boy,

…I am shy of news and will have to depend on Mama the little newsgatherer to give you the news. I don't know how she finds it for she never goes out much. But she gets it just the same.

Well they turned me down on runs 9 and 10 because of seniority. Of course I expected it of them. It is now up to the General Chairman for his decision. He will probley repeat the dose as that has been the custom. But I claim it is wrong. I claim seniority on respective districts is right. But between 2 districts milage is the factor that determines the right to runs between the districts involved, and as I was the senior one on my district to ask for run when it was created, I claim the right to it. Newrick did not take 9 and 10. At present it is filled with the two McDonalds and Wesley Ross. Lydie is on 5 and 6 with Dillon and me. I saw the General Chairman in Parsons, the other day and told him to hurry his decision.

Well I was just down town, left some more money in Bank for you to draw on at your convenience. I met D. Hoffam (the lawer) when I was getting it. He asked about you. He said you was getting a fine opertunity to make good and as you was highly educated good results would shurly follow.…

Your affectionate Father