Walter E. Dandy Letter 09/25/09

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

September 25, 1909

My Dear Son,

…Was delighted to hear of so many compliments paid you in regard to getting so fat. I hope you won't loose any of it. I would like to see you gain about 15 lbs next summer. Wouldn't that be fine. I would like to see you in that new hat. I believe you will look well in it. I was sorry you ran short on your lunch. I didn't mind you giving that boy some but I think that woman ought to have had one for herself.

Papa has just gone. I had to laugh at what he wrote to you. He wanted to know if I was eating peaches. I said mind your own business. So he said he would tell you of course I have been eating peaches. Mrs. Dubbs sent me some. The daughter hollered Mrs. Dandy, here is some peaches for you and Mrs. Rose. I opened mine. There was 14 little green things. She picked them off the ground. The boys would shake the trees and pick the good ones up and leave what they didn't want. One morning I saw her pick this little green peach never thinking that she would offer such peaches to any one. Those were what she sent and the trees were full of nice red ones. I would have felt better towards her if she had kept them.

I had Gornal around. He has sprained his back he says. He thinks he will be off for a couple of weeks but he expects the company will pay him. I don't see much the matter with him.

Mrs. B. came down just as we were going to have dinner before Papa went out. So she had dinner and she stayed till after 9 o'clock. She had lunch before she went away. She said she had two good meals.

Stanley is not doing much. She said he got one call at Schwald's office. Schwald said he was not there but he would go himself. I think she is worrying about him.

She said you looked fine. She said she hated to see you (this year) come round to the house. It made her feel that her boy was not coming and the times she used to enjoy was all gone.

She wants us to try and get some of our butter for her. Miss Lunz and her father drove here the other day. She hollered and I went out. The old man kept saying I wouldn't think you were Walter's mother. Miss Lunz said he kept saying that all the time. He said he had a beautiful card from you. He kept it where he could see it all the time.

Our water gave out. I told Mr. Bremmer. He ordered a barrel, cost $1.50. Kate came down yesterday. She had a girl along with her. She said that is Walter's picture, there that good looking fellow I was telling you about.

Well we have got back to our quiet way of living.…

Mrs. Minnier thinks I had a pretty good boy. I said I had. She said Miss Lunz thought so much of you. We sent your trunk. Hope you got it alright.…

Your loving Mother