Walter E. Dandy Letter 05/08/09

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

May 8, 1909

My Dear Son,

…Glad to hear you have got two exams over, and done well. That Dr. Cushing is certainly a great man. While reading about him and his wonderful operations I felt myself wishing wouldn't I like to hear of my boy doing those wonderful operations. I believe some one someday will say just such grand things about you as you have said about Dr. Cushing. I would like you could get to work with him a while this Summer, a month or six weeks. I just said to Papa today if I were you I would go to him myself and make your desires known to him, that you would like to work with him. I believe he would be glad to help a young man like you.…

Mrs. B. came the day after she came home. She seems to feel all right about the wedding now. She says she is not nice looking but she is not ugly (the bride). She says she is thirty. She says Stanley had a nerve to take a girl from such a fine home to such a ranch as Cole Camp. Polly and the mother stayed a couple of days in Hannibal. Got a rig and took the town in.

Mrs. B. was dressed in light silk or satin. She bought Stanley a dinning room suite. They have only furnished 3 rooms. Mrs. Gornal bought them a parlor table, and Mrs. Jakeman bought them a rocking chair.

Mrs. B. is thinking of going to England on a visit. Stanley wants her to go and not stay long. He says if she is thinking of staying there, he won't let her go. (Stanley is very particular I know.) The mother says after he got married he left the bride and came and leaned on the back of her chair 4 times. Stanley knows how to please the mother. Looks as if they were spending lots of money now. Strange if it lasts many years.

Polly came in for the mother to fetch her home. She had been at some social, and was hurrying home to change her dress to go to some place with Foraker. Dr. Coontz I think that was the name of the young man that was at the wedding, one of Stanley's chums. Polly says he is a fine looking man and a large man. It is a wonder she did not make a mash on him. Papa wonders why she don't catch some of these Doctors. He says it must be her manner. (I don't believe she is giving any music lessons now.)

They carried a loaf of home made bread from Hannibal for their supper. They would sooner do that than bake a loaf. I would like to see the bride. Gornal saw them at the depot. He says she is not nice looking.

I hope your suit fits this time.… Just got our tomatoes in, hope it don't freeze. As soon as you decide what you are going to do let us know.…

Your loving Mother