Walter E. Dandy Letter 04/01/09

1214 S. Mass. Ave.

Sedalia, Mo.

c. April 1909

My Dear Boy,

…He was telling me that he had been talking with Bothwell about me how I saved money and the way I was educating you. Bothwell thought it was grand and only knew of one engineer beside me who had done as well for himself and his children.…

Say Walter I think I have got you another job if you will take it. At least I would like your advise on the matter. About a week ago I saw a man sawing wood next door north of us. I went to see if he would saw ours. He seemed strange, could not talk very well and he was a feeble looking young man. I left him sawing for I could not understand him. Yesterday Mama went to the house wheir he had sawed the wood to find out about him so he wood saw awers. They told her wheir he lived or wheir his sister lived. And it proved to be wheir we or you used to get our milk last summer. So I went to see her. She told me how he got hit on the head with a piece of lumber when he was young and he has never been right since. Sometimes he believes that he is Jesus Christ and that his mother who is dead appointed him to be Christ. Doctors used to tell them he could not live. Do you think Dr. Cushing could do anything for him? He is truly a sad case.

Your affectionate Father