Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/23/09

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

March 23, 1909

My Dear Son,

Glad to hear of fine exams but not at risk of your health. I hope you are feeling fine as that is how we are here after a couple of good hard days working and looking for a house to rent.

You will be surprised to hear that we have sold 15th St. property to Mrs. Hauptly for $1,500. So you have no home now. They hunted for a house for a month. Couldn't find anything that would suit them so they decided to buy. $500 down. There was $200 she could not get till 1st of May. She thinks the boys will help her pay it off. Papa is pleased to get rid of both of them. Now he has a free hand.

We were out today and yesterday looking for a house. You never saw such old dirty places for $13 and $14. Finally we come accross a nice house. I like it fine, it is a double house but very nice and nicely arranged for two families, and it is only $8 per month. We were surprised how cheap it was. Young married couples in now and they think it is fine. Mrs. Bremer owns it. You will probably know it. It is on South Maccahusti [Massachusetts] St. (I don't know how to spell it) on a paved street. Papa has only about 2 blocks to walk to get on the train or off. Close to the narrow gauge crossing.

I like it fine, but Papa wants me to kill off all my chickens and sell my little ones. I have 11 or 12 but they would be nearly ready for frying when you come home. What do you say. If you don't care much for chicken I might quit keeping them and buy one once in a while. The yard is not so large there.

There are 4 rooms in the house, 3 downstairs and one upstairs. It is very cosy and nice and if we had gone to 15th St. Papa would have worked all the time. Now he can rest. I think we done pretty well out of 15th. I don't think we will get moved this week as the parties can't get out for a few days. Houses are all filled, any that are any account. We were fortunate to get this one, and it is convenient to stores. If we had gone to 15th I would have had to furnish the front room, bought everything for it, would have cost $50. So when you come home you will find it a nice comfortable place. You can sleep upstairs. We just fixed up the papers today.…

Mr. Meyers is very low, I believe at deaths door. Came home from the hospital Saturday. Was very bad when he came home. Got homesick, would not stay any longer. Then when he landed in Sedalia he did not know where he was at. Fetched him home in a carriage. Since Sunday he has not been conscious. Doesn't know any of them.…

Your loving Mother