Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/15/09

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

March 15, 1909

My Dear Son,

…Glad to hear you had got through with your exams for the time being and that you done fine in them.

I look at it in a little different light from what you do about exams and grades. I think the man with the best grades has the best foundation and the best and smartest men by their grades we know their ability. Stanley for example, hadn't good grades and not much besides. If your grades had not been good at high school I would have felt discouraged about your future welfare. Probably now your time might be employed to better advantage, but good grades might be the means of getting you a good position, and if there was one open for you I would take it sooner than go out to fight life's battles alone. At least take it for a while till you would get more competant. And then it would be easier for you after you had built up a reputation. That is what I think about it.

That was some mighty fine news to me to hear you beat that professor. It must have been a terrible blow to him. What did he say. And you were willing to admit you know nothing about it if you were wrong. That would stun him I should think to think that it would be him that should admit he know nothing about it. Has he said anything more about it. It is great if you can beat your teachers. I am certainly proud of my boy.

Mr. Meyers is very sick in St. Louis Hospital. Ervie went down, and phoned for the Mother to go down as his Father was very sick. He can hardly get his breath. They say he has kidney and heart trouble. They had to keep him under the influence of morphine. It is going to take him all his time to get well. He looked pretty bad before he went away. And Mr. McVey is pretty low. He was bleeding at the lungs the other day. Did not think he would last very long.…

Mrs. Hauptly has not got a place yet. She talked as if the boys might buy it for them weeks ago but they had a litter and they don't want to buy. I wish she could hurry and get out. I think it will be nice up there.

Your loving Mother