Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/10/09

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

March 10, 1909

My Dear Son,

…You will hardly feel at home at 15th St. Papa told them (Hauptly) that we had sold and had decided to live at 15th. She hated it awful bad to have to move. She wondered if someone would build her a new house as she hated to go into these old dirty houses. She wanted us to rent down town somewhere. The old man said they would get out just as soon as they could.

Papa went out yesterday to plant some grape vines. She never came out. The old man came out. He said they were out looking for a house Saturday but could not find one. He said his wife always wanted to live in a street where she had the nicest house. I am not sorry for her. She never appreciated the house till now. She will find out now that she had a cheap house and a very comfortable one. Rents are pretty high.

Martha Letts raised the rent on that old house where Dammon used to live from $13 to $15 and the people moved out. And now it has been empty a couple of weeks. Mrs. Meyers wants $12 for hers. It is still empty since Mamie Murphy moved out. I think $10 is a big price for that house.

…I sat a hen yesterday. So I hope they hatch good so as you can have fried chicken when you come home.

Your loving Mother

When you get your new suit be sure to get your pants longer than last summers suit. Goodbye and God bless my dear boy and may he lead and keep you all the way through life.