Walter E. Dandy Letter 03/08/09

1323 E. 5th St

Sedalia, Mo.

March 8, 1909

My Dear Son,

…I met Mrs. Maltby in Annie Cravens last week. She says where is our boy. I said in Baltimore. She said you were the only one that she knew went to Baltimore. She was having some dresses made and she wanted them made so as she would look as thin as it would be possible to have her. I said to her you are not too fat. I wish I was fatter. She said you ought not to wish that. God might take you at your word and make you fat. These fat people want to be thin and thin ones fat. Never satisfied.…

Kate is very anxious for us to get out. She says it don't look much like we were getting out when we are sitting here. I told her when we sold it we would not get out till spring as we had all our coal and wood in.… They rented this other place for $12. Rents are pretty high. Hiram Carter said to Papa the other day, I thought you were going to give me a chance at that house. He said I would have given you $900. It is a nice little place. Buckley said Hiram could have paid cash for it. I would sooner Meyers have it.

Mrs. Hauptly is beginning to find out that she has had a nice house. She had a carpenter come to the house to see if he would build a shower for her just like ours and she would pay him $13 rent for it. Mr. Hauptly says he would sooner live in a tree than rent from some people. They will find few that will do for them like Papa had done. It looks fine since he had it papered and varnished and molding put in. I would sooner live there than any place in town.

Got a petition up to have walks put in Marvin. That will improve it a good deal.

Gornal says he believes they have got a buyer for theirs. Papa says what are you going to do. He says don't know, maybe go to Kansas City. They would both like to go there.…

My dear boy I don't see any use in my going to Baltimore to be examined when there is nothing out of the ordinary the matter with me. I had been unwell for about 3 months. Last about 2 weeks. Then stop for a few days then return. But I was feeling well. It has been stopped for a week now, and I am feeling fine, not a pain anywhere for which I thank God. Now as I am feeling as well, it would be a very trying ordeal to me to be subject to examination. I appreciate your love and thoughtfulness.

Papa says for you to please yourself in the way of a spring suit, but I would say I believe I would have black patent leather shoes and some nice suits. See what you look best in most becoming color, get the pants larger and longer. I want to see you looking fine. Professor, like. Get something quite different from last summer.

Mrs. Lewis came over the other day. She says to Papa, you got fatter and bigger, growing all the time. He is feeling fine and a great appetite. And so do I and so are you. Haven't we a great deal to be thankful for.

They say Engineer Calkins has bright disease and the doctors say he can not live over 18 months. He worries over it a good deal. He works when he can and every trip he works he thinks it will be his last.…

Well it is time you were telling us some more good news about your exams and lots of things. What did Dr. Mall say about the articles you wrote. You ought to get a good position when you get through. Well don't forget to tell us all the good news. It is a great treat here. Papa has put that letter from that Doctor to you among his other much cherished papers.…

Your loving Mother