Walter E. Dandy Letter 01/01/09

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

c. 1909

My Dear Son,

…Glad to hear you still hold your own in weight. When you come home in the summer I want to add about 14 lbs more to that 146.

We called at B.'s when Papa was laying off. She told us about two men trying to get into the cellar. She hollered at them and turned on the lights and they ran away. Polly was terribly scared. They got Walter Jakeman to stay all night.

She says Stanley's work is hard. She is not so sure now that it is all for the best that Stanley is at Cole Camp. She says time will tell whether it is or not. I don't believe Stanley and Schwald are getting along as well as they thought they would do.

She said she would ask us for supper but she had nothing to eat. Papa said what are you going to eat Polly. She says scratch up something. He says come up and have supper with us.…

Your loving Mother

Mrs. B. says Papa is too young a man to quit work. He is feeling fine. Says he never felt better in his life. I think we will go to England for a visit this summer.