Walter E. Dandy Letter 02/15/09

1323 E. 5th St.

Sedalia, Mo.

February 15, 1909

My Dear Son,

I think Papa has covered all space in the way of congratulations and has not left much for me to say. I will say that it was a fine compliment and I don't believe you appreciate congratulations more than we do. Nothing gives us more pleasure than hearing of your success.…

He would like to show that letter you received to everybody in town. We were in the post office a few days ago. Mrs. Glen said she heard how well you were getting along. Mrs. B. came up yesterday. She had been to see Stanley again. She said there was nothing to do at Cole Camp. I said Stanley needn't care so long as he gets his money. She said Stanley liked to be busy. I guess he is afraid of losing his job and it is too bad the poor people don't get sick as to give them plenty to do.

I saw Mrs. Dow the other day. She said Johnny has lung troubles. She had him examined by three doctors and they all said he had consumption. She said Dr. Wood said he thought he could pull him through as he had cured 2 or 3 other boys. It costs $1 per day for treatment besides his other medicine.

We had a letter from May Todd. She wished to be remembered to you.

You will have it hard till after exams. I suppose you will be glad when they are over. Papa said you did not tell him about that A.M. he wanted to know about. We were amused about the sneezing affair. We could not understand how you kept from sneezing. I should think you won't be invited out anymore.…

The weather here has been like summer. People sitting out doors today.… Not be long till spring and hen sitting times.

Sometimes we think we will stay here till you graduate. Papa says if he went to England before that he would come back to see you graduate. But I say nay. Ervie and his wife is talking of buying this place so if they do we will have to move.

Your loving Mother